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Sculpted from the digital media world, we forged as one after realising our shared passion in video production. We talked about it for five years before we took the plunge and made it a reality.

As a young creative team, we are digital natives with fresh ideas who understand how to create scroll-stopping content. We understand the importance of your brands story and style, so using eye catching video content, we can raise your online presence and entice customers to learn who you are. 

We also have a solid understanding of copyright, permissions and all the boring stuff in between. We’ll make sure all of the admin is covered quickly and efficiently so we can get to the fun stuff without a hitch.


" My nan would tell stories of a mischievous duck, Whack Whack. She would tell the stories so well, that they will stay with me forever. Her stories are the inspiration behind our name, and represents what we are always striving to achieve; good stories, told well. "

- Bernice 


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Oxford, United Kindgom

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